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The Colorful & Charming Art of

Susan Elizabeth Jones


Let's Paint!

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You are an Artist. We are all Artists.  Join me on this fun, colorful, and creative journey and experience the joy of bringing life to your imagination and inspiration. 

Allow me to be your guide to in-person classes and workshops or on-line classes and demonstrations offered through Patreon. 

Creative Journey

Yankee Apples by susan elizabeth jones.j
A Scarlett Lily by susan elizabeth jones
American Cake by susan elizabeth jones.j
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Bear Bryant Portrait by susan elizabeth
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.JPG
Mint Julep by susan elizabeth jones.jpg

Tour the Gallery of Paintings

Delight in the nostalgic impressionism at the Carriage House Studio at Windy Acre Cottage

Susan Elizabeth Jones artist 10.JPG
Image by Shayna Douglas

A little about me...

HI! I'm Susan.... a painter, writer, creative awakener, and a vintage, southern soul seeking beauty, joy, light, and a little bit of sparkle and magic in every day life.

More than a decade ago, I vowed to take the road  less traveled and only fill my days with what brings joy and contentment which led to becoming a  blessing counter, a historic cottage dweller in a small town in Tennessee, a dog rescuer, a gardener, a student of history, a collector of vintage Limoges, a front porch swing reader, and a full-time artist and painting instructor.  

But I'm getting ahead of myself. If you are interested in the whole story, put the kettle on, steep some tea, and allow me to share with you  my creative journey and inspiration ....

Susan Elizabeth Jones

Join me on a Colorful and Creative Adventure

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