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"Do not go where the path may lead. Instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail."

We are all Artists. 

Making the long story short...


I was destined for a path I didn't take. Well, not at first. But the more I ran away from being an artist, the more it became inevitable I was not going to get through this life without espousing my fate. And now, many years after changing course in the journey, I'm still not at the top of the mountain, but I can see the path, and the view is already spectacular. Holding all things in divine order, it hasn't always been an easy trek, or straightforward one, but it's always been an adventure.


Now I'm getting ahead of myself. You see, we are all artists. From the first breath we take, we are creativity personified. I've known this truth my entire life, even in the years of early adulthood when I didn't embrace it like I should. Only after a twist of fate, have I returned to my true calling, and I have been blessed to use my creative spirit to paint colorful and charming paintings to produce beauty, joy, light, and (dare I say it?) a little bit of magic.  I also take what I have learned in the process and help others navigate the expedition of their artistic paths. 


You are an artist. Whether or not you embrace it or do anything with it, the creative spirit is there inside you, and it's a special gift.


Together, we all have one goal... To be the artist God intended us to be. But that goal looks different for everyone. And the results are just as diverse.


The unknown of the journey can be a little scary, the people you meet a little intimidating, but do not be afraid. Believe in your gifts, and get ready for a marvelous adventure full of color, creativity, and ecstatic joy and enthusiasm. Take my hand. It's so much more fun to travel with a friend.


...and the trail will lead you to Windy Acre Cottage

My home is filled with vintage etiquette books, cookbooks, random pieces of Limoges china, old dogs, paintings galore (both mine, and those collected over the years), dusty old hats and luggage, paint brushes, travel watercolor sets, journals, colorful pens, tubes & tubes of paint, fresh flowers gathered from the garden, perfume, treasures collected on walks and from travels, vintage aprons and scarves, strands of pearls, sweet tea, yummy aromas from the kitchen, and happy times with family and friends. 

The 1940s is my

Happy Place

Is it a wonder Nostalgic Impressionism is my painting style?

I love the life I imagine my grandmother living in the 1940s in a small town in Tennessee. She lived with my grandfather and her young sons in a large Victorian house with large hydrangeas in the front and a beautiful porch. In the back was a large pecan tree and a chicken coop where the mean rooster lived. Also in the back was the garage and a building which was my grandfather's workspace just a few yards behind his appliance shop on the road adjacent to their house. With my grandfather would be an old dog or other animal he turned into a pet.


My grandparents lived in town, and my grandmother walked to the Big Star market with her little, wheeled market cart to bring her groceries home. In fact, they could walk anywhere they wanted to go.... the picture show, shopping, church, school... it was all within a few blocks from their house. 

Today, I live within walking distance of my little hometown of Columbia, Tennessee, in an adorable 1920s Craftsman cottage, with large hydrangeas and a beautiful front porch. Regretfully, there are no chickens yet, but I do have a pecan tree, a clothesline, and lots of old dogs. I love adventures walking to the farmers markets, charity shops, the Duck River, and many historic sites in town, as well as a bike ride or a road trip to other inspiring places.... Amish country, neighboring farms, and beautiful, southern, antebellum homes, schools, and churches. 

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And you?
What brings you joy, smiles & inspiration?
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