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"The whole world is beautiful. The art is in the seeing."

               ~ Camille Pissarro


Homegrown acrylics painting class inspired by a Tennessee Garden

Recommended Painting Supplies

·   Set of 10 tubes of acrylic paints, assorted colors

·   Cad Red Medium, Cad Yellow Medium, Ultramarine Blue, Mars Black, Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White are the 6 we use the most.  I like heavy body paint. Do not purchase craft paint. 

·   Other suggestions: Dioxizine Purple, Rose Madder Deep or Magenta, Cad Orange, Phthalo Turquoise, Emerald Green

·   Large tube of Titanium White paint

·   Assorted flat or filbert long-handled brushes

·   Palette (Preferably several Styrofoam or paper plates, disposable is a good thing)

·   Lightweight table-top easel

·   Washer cup

·   Spritzer bottle for acrylics ($1 in the travel size sundries section at Wal-Mart or Target, also available at Hobby Lobby)

·   Paper Towels 

·   Palette Knife

·   Inexpensive cotton covered panels or stretched canvas for practice, size 8 x 10.   

·   Notebook and pen

·   Tote bag or backpack or wheelie-cart to hold your materials

·   Smock or apron, optional

A little history...

The burgeoning middle class of the early 20th century with their suburban lifestyles and interest in leisure pursuits was the impetus for the American Garden Movement which also coincided with the American Impressionist Movement, both with roots in Europe but with an enthusiasm for creating something wholly American and both totally immersed in the romance and nostalgia of a simple, more natural garden full of wildflowers and plants shared from friends’ gardens.  

The American Impressionist artists varied in their styles of impressionism painting techniques, but they were all united in their deep artistic engagement with their gardens… whether they be in local city parks or their own gardens or gardens of the boarding houses where artist colonies sprung up in the hot, summer months.

These movements speak to my great and absorbing passion for flowers, gardens, history, and of course, painting… both created in the studio and en plein air.

Course Description

Designed for the beginner to intermediate student, Homegrown is a 90+ -minute, acrylic painting class that emphasizes the 5-Step Process of painting so that students will have no question as to how to begin and progress through the creation of a painting from start to finish.

Besides learning new skills, students enjoy other benefits as well:

  • Promotes self-expression

  • Fosters socialization and promotes sense of community

  • Improves cognitive skills

  • Relieves depression, and

  • Relieves stress.

In essence, Homegrown painting classes help brain, body, and spirit.

Homegrown is offered through Spring Hill Parks and Recreation every other month on the third Wednesday morning at 10am.  Call SHPR at 931-487-0027 to register. The class is offered at no charge to the first 20 students who register. Students are responsible for bringing their own supplies. 

Class meets in the Winchester Building, lower level at 563 Maury Hill Street, Spring Hill, Tennessee.

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